Staff Chemist - Formulation and Process

Corvallis, OR

Inpria, a subsidiary of JSR Corporation, has an immediate opening for a Staff Formulation and Process Chemist based in Corvallis, OR.  We seek an enthusiastic and conscientious candidate to join our diverse and talented R&D chemistry team as we extend the limits of EUV lithography.  This lab-centric position carries responsibilities for formulation, filtration, coating, and analysis of cutting-edge metal oxide photoresists under the direction of our experienced resist chemists.  At Inpria, your attention to detail, strong laboratory fundamentals, love of discovery, and a demonstrated record of lab safety and teamwork can help fuel our company’s growth, deliver cutting-edge materials to our customers, and provide excellent career growth opportunities in a dynamic global industry.

Staff Chemist Primary Responsibilities

• Formulate high-performance MOx EUV photoresists to support chemical and lithographic analyses by internal and external customers.

       **Accurately calculate, dispense, mix, and track large numbers of multicomponent solutions.

       **Perform liquid filtration, transfer, addition and bottling operations in glove-box and benchtop environments

• Coat, expose, and process photoresist films under precisely controlled experimental conditions.

• Flexibly support standard and non-standard formulation work

• Perform solvent compatibility and stability tests of MOx photoresists.

• Maintain standard solutions and reagent stocks in support of formulation operations.

• Conscientiously follow instructions and published SOPs, while seeking to identify process and safety improvements.

• Support routine NMR, KF, FTIR, Contact Angle, Ellipsometry, GC-MS, ESI-MS and other analyses on solutions, thin films, solvents, and reagents as part of integrated experiments. 

• Track and manage long-term, large-scale experiments across a variety of media and methodologies.

• Maintain a detailed laboratory notebook and electronic records, including standard metrology results in conformance with internal best practices and standards.

• Keep a clean and safe lab workspace and actively participate in lab and tooling maintenance and safety programs.

• Provide occasional evening and/or weekend support, pending business needs.

Staff Chemist Key Qualifications

• Associate degree or B.S. in chemistry, chemical engineering or relevant related discipline

• Two years of chemistry laboratory coursework or equivalent industrial laboratory experience

• Experience in photochemistry, lithography, thin-film deposition and analysis, solution chemistry, materials science or other relevant field a plus

• Active and effective verbal, written, and electronic communication skills

• Self-motivated, flexible and proactive in achieving goals 

• Teamwork skills to thrive in a fast-paced collaborative research environment

• Strong history of safe laboratory practice and active participation in laboratory and workplace safety programs

Physical Requirements

• Ability to lift 30lbs from floor to countertop

• Ability to lift 20lbs overhead

• Ability to use a glovebox with thick rubber gloves to accurately pour, pipet, mix and handle chemicals in small bottles

• Ability to wear standard laboratory attire

• Ability to wear standard PPE

• Ability to stand for extended periods of time

• Ability to use a keyboard and mouse for computer data entry and/or analysis, and presenting data

Compensation and Benefits

Inpria offers competitive compensation and an excellent benefits package, including health insurance and 401k match.

About Inpria

Inpria Corporation is the world leader in metal oxide photoresist design, development and manufacturing. Inpria’s EUV photoresists enable semiconductor manufacturers to realize the full potential of EUV lithography. 

Inpria is an equal opportunity employer. At Inpria, we recognize that innovation and problem solving are enhanced through diversity of thought. Inpria is dedicated to creating an inclusive work environment where employees can feel respected, valued, and empowered. We embrace and celebrate the unique experiences, perspectives, and cultural backgrounds that each employee brings to our workplace.  

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